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EPJ D - Feshbach resonances in the 6Li-40K Fermi-Fermi mixture: Elastic versus inelastic interactions

Interaction control in a trapped Fermi-Fermi mixture of 6Li and 40K atoms via a magnetically tuned Feshbach resonance.

(Cold Quantum Matter - EuroQUAM special issue)

Ultracold mixtures of two fermionic species hold great promise for synthesizing novel types of few and many-body quantum states. Magnetically tunable Feshbach resonances are the key to controlling the interaction in such systems. In this article in EPJD, Naik et al. present a state-of-the-art characterization of Feshbach resonances in the Fermi-Fermi mixture of 6Li-40K atoms, in particular concerning the interplay of both elastic and inelastic scattering. The authors first report a thorough case study of a promising resonance near a magnetic field strength of 155G. Their comparison of these experimental results with theory highlights the high level of understanding gained for the system. The paper then further surveys other resonances; these results will allow experimentalists to identify the most suitable “tuning knobs” for such a Fermi-Fermi system. The deep understanding gained from this data of collision properties on the two-body level lays the ground for all future applications concerning complex quantum states of resonantly interacting fermionic matter.

To read the full paper 'Feshbach resonances in the 6Li-40K Fermi-Fermi mixture: Elastic versus inelastic interactions', by D. Naik et al., Eur. Phys. J. D (2011), click here

J.D. Wells
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